Burning Bridges: The weight of outdated connections

When is the right time to light the match on connections that no longer serve us?

We are taught not to burn bridges. Why? We are continually told these bridges may become useful at some point in our lives or we’re afraid of cutting the cord. We go through life attempting to preserve the connections we once valued, even when detrimental and irreversible disconnections have occurred. At what point do we decide that a bridge no longer serves its purpose? At what point do we decide that some bridges are really worn out thread connecting us to an unpleasant memory? At what point are bridges simply dead weight? Better safe than sorry, right? Soon we have a wardrobe of “maybe I’ll wear that one day” outfits that hold space in vain due to our fear of accepting that there is a slim chance of wearing that green dress purchased five years ago on vacation while heavily intoxicated. Do not become a hoarder of failed relationships. Do not bombard your closet with skeletons that deserved burial long ago. Do not leave any window of opportunity for an individual who has disrespected and shown you little regard to feel they have the opportunity to contact you without hesitation or guilt.  If a relationship has shrunk to a position where it needs to be referred to as a “bridge”, then it is already a fleeting memory. Preservation of bridges may be tried and true for acquaintances who have no real impact on our lives, where a mutual bond may come in handy to either party. It is not the case for those who have harmed and hurt us on more than one occasion. For those whose actions caused a detriment for what can only be referred to as an era. Those bridges are memo pads reminding us of a darker period in our lives. There is only so much emotional and mental space we are allotted.  Be choosy of how it is filled. If a relationship is not benefiting your life one way, shape or form at the present moment, chances are it is living rent free for someone that could be positive force. Let some people simply remain a memory. Some bridges need only be crossed once in a lifetime.