Chocolate Dreams



Don’t let the existence of the “best” restrain your innovation.

At times people don’t pursue a dream because they believe someone else already has. But, magine a world where Godiva Chocolate was never produced because Hershey’s Chocolate existed. They’re both carriers of some of the world’s most fancied chocolate, yet they’ve each engraved their own mark. Many resist creating, discouraged by the concept that their work will be camouflaged in the shadows of what’s already manifested by someone else. And the truth is, it may be. But it may also not. If an idea is not successful, it is not dictated by an idea that was. Success is not a zero sum game. The initiation to execute an idea is not ruled by what is already conceived. No two minds will create the same formula. No two people will have the same taste. Variety is essential and a single kind of anything will lead to a dull, flat world. Human beings thrive off diversity. Each of us is uniquely designed, hence, can uniquely design. What if we were limited to a world with Picasso and no Michelangelo? What if Agatha Christie decided not to write because Shakespeare existed before her? What if instead of Michael Jordan inspiring Kobe Bryant, it paralyzed his potential?  What if we had only Michael Jackson and no Prince? The reason some ideas or people trump and monopolize others isn’t always due to their excellence, but rather the intimidation of others to compete or rather believe it’s possible to have greatness coexist with greatness. Allow ideas of high caliber and superiority to be inspire, not to inhibit. Excellence has no boundaries.