Don’t worry, be happy

Learning to trust the flow of energy and timing is one of the biggest skills you can acquire. Relinquishing control can be risky for many of us until we find that it is not possible to always be in control. By hanging tight to the ropes we not only sabotage our current state of happiness but we lose sight of all that is going on around us because we are fixated on what we are afraid of and in turn, life obliviously passes us by. You control your reactions, you control the circumstances you place yourself in, however you cannot control what occurs outside of you.  You also cannot control what others do, how they feel and how they will react. You also do not always know how you will feel about a given circumstance or experience until it actually happens. You cannot force innate instincts; what you’ll be repulsed by and what you’ll enjoy.

You cannot invent opportunities but you can find them. You cannot prevent earthquakes but you can prepare an emergency kit and evacuation procedure. Even so, you do not know the time and place you will be when it occurs. Does this mean you should be in a state of panic at all hours and expect an earthquake? What would life be like? What would you miss? What amount of happiness would jeopardize? That’s when the ineffectiveness and destructive quality of worry occurs. It is important to be prepared. Yes. It is important not to ignore the realities that can take please. Yes. It is important to accept possibilities. Absolutely. But constant preoccupation is like spilling poison in your soup and expecting easy digestion.

Consciously make the choice to mentally free yourself. To change the dialogue in your mind from “what if this happens” to “whatever happens, I will deal with it as it progresses.” Worrying burdens you with having to deal with consequences and negative possibilities that don’t exist. It causes anxiety because you do not have an actual action to take in order to resolve an issue because the issue does not and may not ever exist. It is like constantly taking intense medication for a disease you don’t have; you wind up destroying vital organs that were functioning just fine. So, go with the flow of whatever circumstance you’re in. Do not be too hard on yourself and understand that even in the worst of circumstances, you’ll only ever have to deal with one moment at a time and that is enough to breathe a sigh of relief.