How long does it take to heal?

People don’t tell you this often, maybe because they don’t know it themselves. So, let me tell you, you have time to heal. You have the permission to take your time. You don’t have to rush to feel okay. Remember, not feeling okay does not indicate weakness. Us humans, we have this false notion that a brave face is a strong face. Let me tell you this, a face weeping in sorrow, mourning loss is even braver. To give yourself the room and opportunity to be engulfed by an unpleasant emotion takes courage. It takes great risk to have been open and vulnerable. Denying yourself of the motions of healing is denying yourself to be rightfully human. When you do not give yourself proper time to heal, when you rush through the process or even worse when you numb yourself and pretend everything is okay, you corrupt your emotional balance and ability to be happy. So if no one has told you, I’ll be the first to say: you have time to heal. If you do not take the time to become your ultimate self again, you will waste a lot of time being unhappy.