How to jump rope as an adult

When we are born we are taught about lines. We are told which side is “good” and which is “bad”. The notion of balancing on a thin rope becomes the theme of our lives. Don’t crawl, don’t run. Walk. Socialize. But come on back home you play too much. Don’t eat too little, but don’t eat too much. Speak enough to express yourself but not too much. Shh. Don’t overwhelm. Balance on the rope. Don’t indulge, you’ll be overweight. Don’t under-eat, what are you anorexic? Don’t drive too fast. Are you suicidal? But too slow is oh, so nerve-wrecking. Balance on the rope. Don’t spend too much, but don’t be frugal. Balance on the rope. Work hard, “your dreams won’t work unless you do” but where are you all day, you don’t even see your kids. Be self-less. Where is the humanitarian in you? Why can’t you be more selfish, you’re such a doormat. Lines. The rope. It’s suffocating. Learn to move back and forth. Jump rope. Balance when it feels like it’s your truth. And you’ll know it when it is. Cut the rope if you need to. But don’t hang yourself with it. When we are born we are taught about lines. But as you grow, learn to cross them.