People pleasing and why it needs to stop

You don’t need to live your life as others wish for them to “like” you.  You don’t need everyone to like you. What you need in order to feel fulfilled is genuine connections based on presenting your authentic self; ugly parts and all. Those deserve your effort and energy and those will build your vertebra. Everyone else’s approval or validation is dirt beneath your feet. Pleasing people won’t change your world much, it needs constant maintenance. Draining. Be someone admirable; that will draw more of a crowd than attempting to please everyone. Get your own approval. People’s opinions are fickle and largely based upon who they are, not who you are. Be polite, even in anger learn to proceed with kindness, grace and respect. By all means, be a good person but you owe nobody your “niceness”. Be yourself unapologetically, it is more attractive than any facade a fake smile can deliver. Always.