Why Prince will transcend time

The “Little Red Corvette” singer left us early this morning and the world grieves in solidarity. We often live our lives hoping to change the world and all the world is asking is for us not to change who we are, and Prince didn’t – that is how he became a legend. We do not influence the world by camouflage, we influence the world through rebellion. It has been said that there are two ways one can die; the first is through the physical form and the second is when their name is said for the last time.  For those who leave a legacy as Prince did, the name will forever be echoed so long as language exists.  Prince was a symbol of individuality, a symbol of creation and a symbol of authenticity. He, like very few others will live on through motivating generations to come, inspiring future musicians and pouring sweet melodies through our speakers. On the Queen’s birthday, we lose a Prince – what a graceful exit he made. Thank you, Prince for teaching us how to love ourselves and for that, the world will always love you.