Hold on or let it go?

“If you love something, let it go.” Yes, let it go…but not in the way you might believe. If you love something, don’t leave it. By all means do not leave what you love, but do allow it to breathe. Nothing stays alive for too long when it’s depleted of oxygen; so why suffocate what you love and cage it in a box? You will spare a lot of headache and heartache in life if you allow things to run their course instead of maneuvering the wheel in your desired path. Not to say you will not reach the destination you prefer, but it may not be through the route you believe it should go through. Many times we destroy relationships and sometimes even ourselves in the process by applying to much pressure and white knuckling our desires. The sand will surely slip through the cracks of your fingers as you attempt to desperately hold on. Throw the sand in the air. Let it go. It will land how it will land. Do not force it. After all, nothing forced can be beautiful.