Never wait until you’re ready

You’re never quite “ready”. That simply never happens. The universe isn’t designed through perfection, it’s manifested through chaos. You become “ready” by just doing it and living through the trials and errors until you find your rhythm. You do not become an expert by waiting. As a matter of fact, waiting creates stronger roots for your doubts. Courage isn’t built by yielding; you become an expert through practice. “Failure” is practice, let it motivate you, let it drive you. The term “not ready” is synonymous with “I’m afraid.” Learn to be in the presence of fear whilst continuing to be in motion. Fear is only eliminated through the confidence that comes from taking the first step. There is always clean-up. There is always a mess made and sometimes you never quite put that mop down. Anyone who is an expert was at some point a rookie. Anyone who is able to make a difficult task appear easy was at some point clawing at the walls just to stand up. It is a fluke to get it right the first time, whether it’s a career, a relationship or something as simple (or complicated) as baking a dozen of those chocolate chip cookies you normally toss down in one sitting. Getting it right the first time is a handicap more than a blessing. It is important to learn the laws of how to “make it” and that can only happen through the motions of falling face flat on the ground. Enjoy the smell of the pavement, it will build you. Accept that you are not ready. Accept that you will move regardless. Find humor in taking the first step, often times it is the most difficult part of it all. You will eventually master what you have your sight set on. Just remember, the world’s fastest runners at some point were crawling babies. How wonderful is it to witness children learn to stand up on their own? Readiness is a muscle; the potential will exist but it needs to be built through time. Most importantly, enjoy the learning curves and learn to laugh at yourself. Cross off “ready” as a qualification to begin and simply leap. Leap and the net will appear- and if it doesn’t…build one.