Notes from an Avocado

We love avocados. They’re difficult. They’re unpredictable. Even when we’re sure we have them figured out, we don’t. We want them. They’re good for us. We accommodate. They’re fresh and green one moment and two hours later unbearable, yet we may still pick out the good parts and treasure them. Because they’re that good. No matter how much we need to bend over backwards to have them around, we do. What would life be without avocados? We sprinkle lime to preserve, we leave the seed in the guacamole to extend its life and even so scrape the top layer to indulge in the goodness beneath when it decides to have a mood swing. They’re simple in taste, complex in nature and we continue to farm them.  The avocado does not change, it does not adjust – we do. The avocado is appreciated and remains true to itself. When people want you and see the value in you, they do not throw you away because you’re difficult. They adjust.  An acquired taste, maybe…but a good taste. Stay with those who love avocados. They’ll understand you in all your layers and dimensions. Be you. You’re an avocado.